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Welcome to My Garden

Aug 28, 2016All, Garden

Hello, Faerie Garden Friends. I promised last year to be better at keeping this site updated regarding our faerie gardens and how they are doing. I really did intend to do just that—honest! But some of you know that I broke my ankle a little over a year ago and then spent a lot of last year recuperating. Although I did go to two shows last year, with a darling display of faerie gardens, I just wasn’t up to more than that. This year, although I am feeling better of course, it has been way too hot to spend a lot of time outside. Not only does it wilt me, but the plants aren’t too eager to be planted and transplanted in this heat. So again, although I have posted updates a few times, not much going on at the moment. (As you can see, I am including several photos—more info about them at the end of this page.)
Some things I “discovered” during the course of last year: 1. I really, really do love faerie gardens, with or without the faeries!!!! I love putting them together; I love visiting others’ gardens; I love the challenge when I am given a special faerie garden to create; I love decorating and redecorating my own faerie gardens. (Friends who have visited my home can testify that my own faerie gardens are constantly changing.) 2. I “discovered” that I do need a tax license in order to keep costs down (at present I don’t have one), and in the state of TN there is a minimum sales requirement that is prohibitive to small start up businesses. With all that in mind, I debated attending the different festivals and other venues that faerie garden folks attend, with samples of my little gardens both to sell and to gauge whether there are enough others like to me to pursue that direction. 3. I “discovered” that there are many, both younger and older people, who are in love with faeries and faerie gardens! 4. I also “discovered” that, although I love the excitement of festivals and I love meeting new people, this would require a very big time and monetary commitment: in addition to constantly working on new faerie gardens, it also would mean being gone almost every weekend all summer and fall. And since we have extensive gardens here, I reluctantly ruled that direction out.
So, what to do? I want to keep involved in the little world of faeries and what better way to do it than creating and tending their little gardens. After much discussion with my daughter and co-creator, I have decided to write a faerie garden blog. I will share some of my favorite little gardens (and occasionally some of our “big” gardens), some of my favorite accessories, some of my favorite plants, some of my failures and some of my “best” successes. I will share some “how tos” and some “don’t dos”. I will try to answer questions and I will be glad to share your photos, if you send them to me. And, from time to time, I will share other creative things that either I have been involved in or my husband and I have been involved in. Whenever I post a blog, I will also post to my CarolsFaerieGardens on Facebook.