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Versatile Container Gardens

Aug 29, 2016All, Fairy Gardens

Today I want to talk more about the versatility of container faerie gardens. I absolutely love it when someone comes to me and asks for a special garden for a special person. In fact, I have included some examples of faerie gardens that were meant for one purpose, and changing them, other than maybe adding a small accessory or two, isn’t an option. It is so much fun to make a little garden showcasing someone’s hobby or interest, and meant for just one person. And I love the challenge of creating something so unique that no one else has it. More details about these special gardens in future posts.
But for sheer practicality—and fun!—nothing beats a little garden that can be changed according to—anything! Your moods, the season, the occasion. Anything! This little garden was one of my favorites! A friend gave me the little Adirondack chairs and I painted them blue. Just because I liked the color. I had this little basket; it was about 15″ in diameter and about 6” deep and it seemed a good size in scale for the chairs. I decided I wanted the finished garden to evoke a feeling of being at the beach and finding a peaceful secluded spot to just sit back and enjoy the distant sound of the waves. Can’t you just imagine yourself leaning back and feeling the sun on your face as you listen to the swish of the waves that are just over the little sand dune behind you?
I could have added a sand mulch, but decided not to because I thought the plants would probably fill in and mostly cover the soil. The plants in this garden are baby’s tears in the front, with frittonias and ferns next, followed by a plant who’s name I don’t remember. A small agave, maybe. I used tile pieces for the path and the sitting area that I thought gave it a sort of flag stone look. Accessories that I could have added: a book on one of the chairs (I love to read), a straw hat on one of the chairs (I am a gardener), a picnic basket, a beach towel, and the list goes on. Even a tiny faerie peeping out from a plant would delight small children.
Later in the season, I removed the chairs and added one of the Halloween houses that I bought at Homegoods, along with some darling candy corn mushrooms, and small pumpkins. I didn’t “dress” this faerie garden up as much as I could have because I already had another one decorated for Halloween in a different room. But if this was my only one, it would have been nice to use Halloween stickers on thin bendable wire in this one. Think ghosts swirling overhead, or bats flittering above the bushes. Or even a witch or two on broomsticks above the house, if that’s your thing. Isn’t it amazing how just changing accessories changes the feeling? This garden went from being an up close cozy hide away to being a small yard complete with house, just by a few simple changes!
In the last photo of this garden, it has been changed again according to the season. I removed the agave and added green and white frittonias, and a “tree” (small houseplant) in the back. I added a small nativity, surrounded by excelsior (to simulate straw), and a red berry wreath. I loved the look; don’t you?? Later I added two small flood lights so I could light this charming scene in the evenings.

This last garden, showcasing a couple’s special interest, is one that we are most proud of. More about this one in a later blog. Happy planting! And I hope I am stimulating your imagination.