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The Luck of the Irish

Sep 16, 2020All, Garden

No, we aren’t Irish but this moss, sometimes called Irish moss (sagina subulata), is really beautiful on this path. I was told by someone “in the know” that it would not grow and thrive here. But I have grown it in my faerie gardens as lawns for the little faeries, and loved it and so thought I would see if it would work for a ground cover. This pathway, in the back of our home, leads to the back porch and gets morning sun and afternoon shade. This in combination with the watering system that my hubby put in makes for very happy little “lucky Irish” plants.
This photo was taken about a month or so ago. The moss was planted last year and came through the winter very well. It has a tendency to try to take over the stepping stones and so needs to be trimmed back once or twice a year. I don’t mind that at all, since I really love this little plant. Most of the plants and bushes were already established; the second photo shows some of the spring bloomers. The large pink flower in the background was hand made by someone from our home town. We try to visit his shop whenever we have a chance. The last photo shows the moss in very early spring. The small tree on the left of the photo is a full moon Japanese maple; it turns a vibrant red in the fall.
The first and second photos here show the path shortly after it was planted in early spring of last year. I wasn’t sure how long it would take to fill in, so I used the large flat stones to make a decorative surround. Now, of course, I need to remove them when I trim the moss, because the moss is trying very hard to cover them, too. The last photo is a little fountain that we have had for some time. It doesn’t work anymore and isn’t very deep, but it seems to suit these succulents very well.
This hydrangea was covered with these purple-ish lavender blooms last year. It was so pretty. Unfortunately, it was pruned a little too much this year and so didn’t bloom. But we are looking forward to next year!! We have a lot of the yellow day lilies scattered around our yard. They just add so much spice to the borders. The planter is on top of the retaining wall where I can see it from my kitchen. The pentas are doing very well, and so are the dichondra. And, if you’ve ever grown dracena, well you already know nothing ever bothers it.
This photo is of the path right after I put it in. You can see how much the moss has grown in just one year. The mulch, by the way, isn’t black. It is a dark brown. The last photo is what it looked like when I first put a path in this area. The black mulch is pretty, but as I mentioned in a previous post, it tracks onto the porch. Most of the plants in the photo are still there, but more mature. The leylands are mostly gone.

Final thought: I would have missed an outstandingly pretty pathway, and a lovely contrast to the back yard border if I had listened to the “experts”. Sometimes it is good to try something new. Trust yourself!