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Seasons #2 – Early Season Planters

Sep 15, 2021All, Garden

We only have three planters filled so far this year. It has been a rather tumultuous year for us, to this point, and we are just glad we were able to get done all that we did. As usual, I have a lot more that I want to do, so we will see.

I mentioned in my container series that I really love window boxes. These photos are of this year’s window box. I have had success with the trailers with the pink flowers, Lofos compact rose (lophospermum hybrida) and was elated that I found them again this year. They are rather unusual, and easy to grow. The next photo is of the window box at the end of winter—looking pretty ratty. The green plants are annual blue salvia; I left them in the window box. The creeping jenny got moved somewhere else. The following photo shows the box right after planting. It made a pretty picture from our bedroom window, too. The last photo here shows the window box as it looks now; not as pretty as I had hoped, but not too bad. Unfortunately we turned off the water because we were expecting a week of rain. We forgot to turn the water back on, and by the time I noticed, the plants were about half dead. I thought I would have to replant. However, we have been diligent about watering and feeding, and amazingly they have almost come back.

I don’t usually plant geraniums but for some reason, these caught my eye. I planted them in early spring, along with heucheras and vinca major. They are on a watering system and are doing very well.

I mentioned, in an earlier blog—Tried and True Traditions—that we usually plant purslane in our Savannah bird girl planters and this year is no different. I just took the first photo here, and the planters are looking very nice.

Final thought: Sometimes we forget that plants really want to grow and, if given a chance and some TLC, they might just recover nicely from unintentional neglect. And planters that have drainage holes are able to handle a lot of water, so—don’t shut the water off!!