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Happy Fall Y’all!

Oct 14, 2016All, Autumn, Fairy Gardens

Fall is here, friends. And if you are like me, you want a fall accessory “face lift” for your house. Last year, when we participated in our town’s annual fall festival, I put these little arrangements together to sell in our booth. The adorable little shoe planters were small, about 6” long. Which means that you could use them about anywhere you need a little accent. Or these make a nice little “I’m thinking of you” gift for a special friend. This shoe, as you can see, was so easy to put together. Just add a few pebbles in the bottom of the shoe, then add dirt. This little container only needed one plant. And you can use almost any plant as long as it is small. Add an accent such as this little scarecrow; top with a little dried moss and there you have it!!
This is another shoe planter for fall. I added one plant, a cute little frog, a Happy Fall sign and it was just right. I assembled three plants to see which one would be best for this little planter.The next photo shows the plant I selected, along with some little candy corn mushrooms. I did like them, but finally decided on the frog and the sign.
This is one of my favorite fall planters. This is a small ceramic pumpkin that I have used for serving dips, crackers or fall candy. It lends itself nicely to this sweet little centerpiece. I used selaginella as a filler, or background plant; I mentioned before that it is one of my favorite plants. I added a small piece of white “board” fencing along the back, with gravel for my little scarecrow to rest on. While dried moss, small ceramic tile “stones” or even just the potting soil would have been okay under the scarecrow, I though the gravel would keep it clean when watering.
You can see that I tried out several different accessories: the little wagon is darling (picked it up during a trip to Texas; you can see the Lone Star wheels) but not quite right for this container. I liked the standing and laying scarecrows equally, but didn’t choose the standing one because I thought it would break if the centerpiece was accidentally bumped. So easy, and isn’t it cute??