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Gorgeous Window Boxes

Apr 21, 2021All, Garden

More in my pots and containers series—I love window boxes. I mean, I really love window boxes. This is the second window box my hubby made and I love it. We both liked the first one, shown at the bottom of this page. But when we re-sided our home, we wanted a new window box that didn’t need painting. So this one was born. I think a window box enhances charm and really magnifies curb appeal!

This pretty window box was at it’s peak when I took this photo. As I mentioned before, I love dichondra, shown here living up to it’s name, Silver Falls. This is not a color combination I use often, but I really like the way this turned out. The center photo shows it after it had been planted for maybe three weeks. The last photo shows one of the window boxes (there are three) right after I planted it. Lamb’s ear is one of my favorites, but didn’t work out unfortunately.

Another very pretty planting, with more dichondra, ivy and sweet potato vine. I don’t remember the name of the deep pink flowering trailer but it was outstanding and I plan to use it again. The middle photo shows this box right after planting. It more than fulfilled my expectations. It is so much easier to plant these individual boxes before putting them in the window box, than to try to plant them already in the box. After they are in place, we put in the drip irrigation, mulch and water thoroughly. Then occasional feeding, and routine maintenance, not a problem. The next photo shows one of my all time favorite petunias, Pretty Much Picasso. I added my other all time favorite, Bubble Gum Petunia. Great combination, easy and spectacular.

These are a few more plantings that turned out very well. Although I have kind of gotten away from using sweet potato vine, I think it looks nice in the first photo. The middle photo shows the window box with a very simple planting. I didn’t have time to fuss when planting this time, and begonias always look nice. The other trailer I use frequently is creeping jenny, and it turned out well in this planting. In the last photo, I used dark sweet potato vine and, although it looked nice, this window box is viewed from a little distance, and the darker trailer didn’t show as well as I had hoped. Pretty box, though.
This window box has chrysanthemums for fall color. Sometimes by fall the heavy blooming summer annuals are about done and necessitate a replanting for the fall season. Maybe a tiny bit boring but–a final pop of color before the end of the season. The last photo here is of our first window box. We were proud of it and I was sorry to see it go.

Final thought: Because this window box is on the front of our house, we always want it to look not just good, but outstanding. This can be a little intimidating; the temptation is to play it safe with what I know works. But that would take all the fun out of it! So my advice (to myself and others like me) is—be extravagant! Try something new! It is easy enough to replant later with the “safe” plants, and who knows—it might just turn out to be the best one yet!