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Going Downhill From Here Part 3

Nov 25, 2020All, Garden

In Going Downhill From Here #2 I promised I would show more of how we are trying to tame the hill that is our side yard. Like most of you, we have more ideas than we have money so our plans have to be implemented a little at a time. Sometimes we feel like we are not making progress, but going back and looking at photos from where we started assures us that we are a little at a time achieving our dreams.
The first photo here shows a part of the landscape that was taken a few days ago. Although the center photo was taken from a different angle, it shows pretty much the same area but from several years ago. The river birch had just been planted, and the fir tree on the far right is the same one in the first photo. Those pretty Lenten Roses were given to me by a very dear friend, and have been spreading throughout our little patch of woods.
The Forest Pansy Redbud here is nestled in the rocks shown in the middle of the center photo above, although it was planted after that photo was taken. We bought it on sale (of course!), and it just seemed like it fit very well in our little woods. The double flowering pale yellow Lenten Rose here is planted under the redbud and, although it isn’t as prolific as the white one, it loves it’s space and is doing very well.
Several years ago we started putting a path up through the woods. This path went up the steps and wound around the big tree in the background then on down into our lower side yard. Everywhere we could find a patch of sunlight, we planted our “overflow” daylilies. These pretty Lenten Roses are also in our little woods. Our plans for this area included putting a rock garden in the natural formation of rocks, visible in the center photo above. We also intended to include a bench somewhere in this area because it gives a unique and pleasant view of the rest of our yard. Then we discovered that some of the really big trees in that area were dangerous because of falling limbs. Clearing an area for the path, mulching it and putting in a few steps– nothing we couldn’t handle. But taking down really big trees, probably 100 years old more or less, was beyond us, and became a road block. However, we have since removed some of the trees, and are hoping to start again winding a path up through our little woods.

Final thought: At first glance this project didn’t seem too formidable. But we neglected to look at the big picture or, as the Bible says, we didn’t “count the cost”. So lesson learned: evaluate any project throughly before you start, and look carefully for hidden costs before deciding if the project is worth the expenditure of time or money. And, if it is, hey, go for it!!