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Because It’s Christmas

Dec 24, 2016All, Christmas

Dear friends, I keep saying I am done posting for Christmas—BUT—as I was cleaning off my computer desk top I came across these photos that I had pulled from iphotos. So I thought one more post?? And I promise it really will be a short post.
The first photo is so welcoming, don’t you think? We had guests over and this was how our entryway table looked. Someone had given me the plant, and so I surrounded it with the soft light from candles.
The second photo is of one of the hanging baskets on our front porch. I clipped evergreens and added candles and hurricane lamps to each basket. This welcomed our guests as they came up the walk to our front porch.
The chandelier with ribbons and greenery looked very nice; I loved it. But it was incredibly difficult to do, since we didn’t attach it to the ceiling, and had to be very careful of the chandelier. Needless to say, this was a one-time project.
The last photo is of a fun little tree, complete with our homemade ornaments, that we sent to our middle daughter when she was working on a cruise ship and couldn’t get home for Christmas. All these years later she still has it, and puts it in her guest room at Christmas.
There—you have it. I am done for this holiday season. God bless you all.