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Amazing Playhouse Deck

Feb 24, 2017All, General

The last part of the playhouse project, that I want to show now, is the deck complete with garage. Doesn’t every playhouse need a deck?? It was a big project and took awhile to complete. But the upside of that is the kids had something fun to look forward to each time they came. We put together and painted each piece of the deck assembly before bringing it in and attaching it to the playhouse.
We used plywood for the deck platform, and I painted it to look like boards. Just for fun I added what the kids called their “pets” on the deck floor.
We added sturdy railing on the deck and on the stairs. Then we finished the “garage” and added pegboard for any little treasures that needed to be hung up. And then we were done!!

Final thoughts: This was a costly project, to be sure. But, done in stages, it was manageable. We wanted a place where the kids could play and sleep, and it certainly has achieved its purpose. Would we do it again? Yes, without a doubt!